About us

Transformations, that took place in 1989 in the sphere of our country's economy, created for many people huge abilities of individual development, and gave a chance to turn out also in the sphere of enrtepreneurship. At the beginning of 1990, an idea of establishment of a commercial company in the metallurgical trade came into being, that was realized on theverge of the beginning of the same year. In the premises of the area of 20 m2 at Małgorzata Fornalska Street in Bydgoszcz, a commercial company organized by Grzegorz Krasiński under the name HURTOSTAL, started running its business. At the day of opening, the company offered 18 products to its customers.

In order to meet our customers' expectations, it was necessaty to broad systematically the assortiment of offered goods, among others by increasing the comercial space. In 1992, we built our own warehouse in Lisi Ogon and two shops in Bydgoszcz started running its business. In January 1993, the company changed its legal personality and transformed into the limited liability company with its seat in Lisi Ogon.

Customers' requirements, broadening the range of trade products, especially of producers recognized on the Polish market, forced us once again to make the investment effort. In October 1996 we handed over for use the premises of commercial area of 1400 m2 in the centre of Bydgoszcz at Sienkiewicza St. 3. The seat of the company was also moved there.

With the assortiment of 10 000 product, we are trying to make our customers become interested in them in such a way, as to be able to tock up comprehensively in our business establishments. Hurtostal, apart form constant care of the attractiveness of the commercial offer, has placed a bet most of all on the following:

- quality of offered goods and services,
- comprehensive customers' servicing,
- complete nd efficient staff.

The main assumption, the present activity of the company is based on as well as its intentions for the future, is satisfying the needs and requirements of its customers as much as possible.